MOTHERBORED: Behind The Scenes

You may wonder, how could any mother ever be bored? If you've ever met Michelle you'll know it's just her quirky play on words, because she's a mother of one busy daughter. After stumbling upon an old broken computer found in a garage, an amazing Caribbean blue motherboard was discovered inside. She quickly realized that once everything had been removed from the motherboard, she could make a ring out of it. Her eyes widened with excitement at how beautiful the ring turned out resembling a turquoise stone. Shortly after this, MOTHERBORED was established in early 2011.

MOTHERBORED believes there's beauty in every computer that's easily discarded as trash. Saved from their demise at your local landfill, Michelle recycles every colorful motherboard, video card, and circuit board into beautiful unique jewelry and home accessories. Using as much as possible from the computers, she leaves little to no scrap trail behind.

Michelle's daughter, Kalea, is instrumental in the success at most shows. In addition to assisting her mother, her own creativity blossomed 2 years ago when she started making and selling Kalea's Keyboard Cuff Links and Rings.


1.How did you come up with this idea? After seeing a motherboard in blue, it reminded me of the Caribbean blue ocean, similar to turquoise. Once I removed everything from the board, I manged to make a ring from the board and MOTHERBORED took off from there.

2. Were you in the computer field prior to this? No. I had been in the dental field for a little over 15 years. I believe the thousands of temporary crowns and bridges I've made have been the main factor in my perfection of the resin that seals all my designs.

3. Are these the actual colors of the motherboards? Yes. Every board is the actual color with NO resin dyes, NO photo copying and NO painting.

4. Do you take donations? Yes. If you have any motherboards that are red, purple, orange, and/or blue, we gladly take them. Currently we have plenty of green and yellow. You can email me for further details.

5. Do you design custom orders? Yes, I love custom orders. Please email me with your ideas and more info.

Interested in selling wholesale? No problem! For further details, send your questions to

MOTHERBORED/Michelle are not affiliated with Apple Inc., DELL Inc , IBM, Gateway, Intel, or E-machines. All of her work is custom, eco-friendly jewelry/home accessory designs with solutions to recycling motherboards, circuit boards, and video cards for a greener environment.

As the creator and artist, Michelle retains copyright over her work which means this is not licensed for other use without her permission.